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måndag 9 april 2012

Competitive Sports, One Of The Greatest Environmental Threats

Race Sport is responsible for a significant portion of today's environmental and climate problems.
Construction and maintenance of sports stadiums and sports complexes, artificially frozen paths, snow-cannons and moving snow, equipment production and trendy outfits in bright colors, long-range population movements of vast dimensions, both as participants and audience results in huge emissions of greenhouse gases and poisoning of rivers.
This is particularly evident when it comes to motor sports of all kinds but all competitive sport, including horse racing has a negative environmental impact.

fredag 6 april 2012

Risk Assessment of Different Energy Sources

I have tried to organize various sources of energy in a 10-point scale (from 0 to 9) where 0 is absolutely reprehensible and 9 means fully acceptable. This is a supplement to my previous blogs on this subject and the content of the website (in Swedish)

0 Nuclear power based on fission of uranium
1 Nuclear power based on fission of thorium
2 Nuclear power based on the fusion
3 Nuclear power based on cold fusion
4 Energy from fossil fuels
5 Energy recovery from wood
6 Energy recovery by microbiological processes
7 Energy from the sun, wind and water
8 Geothermal energy
9 Energy Efficiency

This scale is of course not necessarily valid for all times to come. Circumstances may occur which might justify adjustments